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Payment Terms

Effective as of August 1, 2023

Throughout these terms (“Payment Terms”), when we say “we”, “us”, “our” or “Sidecar Health” we mean Sidecar Health Insurance Solutions, LLC, the company authorized to charge your designated payment method(s) for expense or premium payments, including automatic recurring payments, related to your insurance policy(ies). “You,” “your” and “yours,” and the first-person pronouns “I”, “my” and “me,” means the primary policyholder authorizing the payments, including automatic recurring payments, related to your, or your dependents’, insurance policy(ies). All capitalized terms not defined herein have the meanings assigned to them in the policy(ies).

“Swipe Amount” means the amount charged to the Sidecar Health VISA Benefit Card by a merchant or provider of a medical product or service.

“Estimated Expense” means the estimated member share of the Swipe Amount.

“Finalized Expense” means the final, remaining member share of the amount charged by a merchant or provider for a medical product or service, as calculated after the itemized invoice has been uploaded and the actual Benefit Amount determined.

Dependent Authorization

I understand that the eligible payment method I have on file with Sidecar Health may be used to pay for any expense or premium initiated by the dependents on, or that I’ve associated with, my policy(ies) (each a “Dependent”). I understand that Dependents are acting as my agents when my payment method is used and that all charges for any such expense or premium payments are authorized. I agree to be responsible for all such charges, even if I was unaware of the transaction or if a Dependent exceeds his or her authority. I agree to be responsible for compliance with any agreement with my payment provider and assume all risk if the shared access to such payment method limits any protection against unauthorized charges.

Automatic and Recurring Payments

I understand that, starting immediately, the following automatic recurring payments may be charged to my designated payment method(s) on the scheduled charge dates for the amounts due.

  1. Premium Amount:
    I authorize Sidecar Health to charge my designated payment method for payment of my, and my Dependents, premiums. I understand and agree the amounts and dates of these charges are determined by the payment plan I selected for my billing account. For clarity, this authorization does not apply to employer-sponsored plans administered by Sidecar Health where premiums are instead collected through an employer.
  1. My Portion of My Medical Invoices:
  • Estimated Expense: I authorize Sidecar Health to charge my designated payment method the Estimated Expense amount each time I use my Sidecar Health VISA Benefit Card. I understand the Estimated Expense may be up to 100% of the Swipe Amount per transaction until my deductible is met. If my policy has a co-insurance, once my deductible has been met, I understand the Estimated Expense will be equal to 20% of the Swipe Amount per transaction.
  • Finalized Expense: I authorize Sidecar Health to charge my designated payment method the Finalized Expense after 10 days’ notice that a Finalized Expense has been posted to my account. I understand that some of the most common ways I will owe a Finalized Expense is if the Benefit Amount is less than the Swipe Amount or if the medical product or service is not covered by my policy.
  • Account Credits: I understand I may receive an account credit if the Benefit Amount is more than the Swipe Amount. I understand account credits will be automatically applied by Sidecar Health to any amounts that I may owe, such as premium payments and Finalized Expenses.

I understand that payments with automatic charge dates on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday may not be processed until the following business day. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to have sufficient funds available in connection with my designated payment method(s) to cover these charges. I authorize Sidecar Health to credit my designated payment method for any refund due to me; and if necessary, Sidecar Health may electronically debit or credit my designated payment method(s) to correct any transactions.

I understand that if I have linked a bank account as my designated payment method, I authorize and consent to such bank disclosing to Sidecar Health any information Sidecar Health may request about you or your bank account, including information that may help Sidecar Health assess your ability to pay an Estimated Expense, such as your bank balance.

I agree to receive information via email regarding automatic recurring payments. I will maintain a current email address with Sidecar Health and ensure it is active and capable of receiving new emails. I will ensure my email account has sufficient space for new emails and my email server and spam-blocking software do not block emails from Sidecar Health.

Maintaining Accurate Information

It is your responsibility to ensure your billing information is current and accurate. Sidecar Health is not responsible for any payment processing errors or fees incurred if you do not provide accurate billing information. Billing information can include, but is not limited to, items such as your name, account number, address, billing zip code, and other account information, such as your routing number or expiration date, depending on the type of payment method(s) you designated. You can update this information in your account or by contacting us at 877-653-6440.

Billing Statements

Billing statements will be made available in PDF or HTML format, so you must have access to an Internet browser and Adobe® Reader® software (this software is available for download free of charge at If you wish to print documents, you must also have access to a printer. Although there is no charge associated with us presenting your billing statements online, you may incur costs associated with electronic access to the documents, such as usage charges from internet providers and/or telephone service providers. If these hardware or software requirements change such that you will no longer be capable of accessing or retaining your billing statements electronically, we will inform you of the revised hardware and software requirements. You may request a paper copy of any billing statement or notice at no charge by contacting Member Care at 877-653-6440.

Payments Not Honored

If we are unable to charge your designated payment method for a payment, use of your Sidecar Health VISA Benefit Card may be suspended or a termination notice may be issued for the policy(ies) attached to the designated payment method(s).

Policy Cancellation(s)

If we receive a request to cancel the policy(ies) attached to your designated payment method, we will discontinue future automatic recurring payments for the Premium Amount once we process the request to cancel the policy(ies). However, it is possible an automatic recurring payment for the Premium Amount may be processed about the same time as the policy(ies) cancellation(s). You may also be charged Estimated Expenses incurred by you after your request to cancel and any outstanding Finalized Expenses for care received up to the date the cancellation takes effect.

Discontinuing Automatic Recurring Payments

The authorization for automatic recurring payments remains in effect until we receive notice from you of its termination. You can discontinue certain automatic recurring payments in your account or by contacting us at 877-653-6440.

Please allow up to five (5) business days for processing your request. Automatic payments scheduled within five (5) business days after your request may still take place.

Amendments to Terms

Sidecar Health reserves the right to change these Payment Terms at any time.


Any failure by Sidecar Health to act upon any breach of these Payment Terms shall not be deemed to constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach of that or any other term or condition, or of any right to thereafter enforce these Payment Terms.

Contact Us

You may call Sidecar Health at 877-653-6440 during normal business hours of Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Central Time, Saturday – Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time.