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How it works

We wouldn’t book a hotel without comparing prices. So why do we book checkups without knowing how much we’ll have to pay? When you shop for care and pay on the spot, you can save. And, when your provider charges less than what your plan pays, you keep the savings.


Choose your provider

Compare prices between providers (just ask your doctor) and check what your plan will pay on the member portal.


Pay right away

After getting care, pay your doctor directly using the Sidecar Health VISA benefit card.


Snap a photo

Simply upload a picture of your bill and you’re done. That’s it. No surprises later.

We’ve got you covered

When you can’t shop for care, we’ve got your back. No matter your medical condition or current care regimen, Sidecar Health Employer plans include a full suite of major medical financial protections. You will never be responsible for surprise bills from emergency room visits. You will also never get a surprise bill for unplanned services that occurred during planned procedures.

"I could never imagine leaving" Benefit AmountEasy to useLowering premiumsMember CareNo networkProvider visitsMember
"Took a lot off my plate" Complex careEasy to useEmergencyMember CareMember
"What happens in an emergency? Well, we had that emergency in our family..." Complex careEmergencyFinancial protectionsMember CareSUPPORTMember
"It's something I wish I could get my parents on" Benefit AmountKeeping the savingsNo networkNo referralsPharmacyProvider visitsUsing benefitsMember
"Shopping frenzy" Benefit AmountKeeping the savingsShopping for careGM/President
"Shop around, you can save a lot of money" Keeping the savingsPharmacyShopping for carePeople leader
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It’s no secret employers pay the highest rates for health care in the U.S. but these investments often do not result in better benefits for employees. Not anymore. Sidecar Health does not compromise quality or access.
Kendy T.
The Member Care team is really, really good at customer service. I don’t know how you guys train them, but I’ve got a group here that I would like trained by the same people.
Betty G.
I think this is the future of health care... we’ve got to have that transparency, we have to be better consumers, we have to have understanding of the cost of our care...
Yvonne L.
You can go anywhere you want...You don't have to ask for a referral or 'is this in network?' You just don't even think about it.
Deidre L.