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How it works

When you need care, we’ve got you covered.
Just follow these 4 simple steps.

Step by Step

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Step 1

Know your benefits

Use the Sidecar Health member portal to find the exact Benefit Amount your plan pays for any procedure, test, or drug you need.*

Step 2

Choose your provider

See the doctor you want; compare prices between doctors to find the best provider price. Goodbye, networks!

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Step 3

Use your Sidecar Health VISA benefit card

This convenient card allows you to access your benefits and pay for medical services on the spot.

Step 4

Submit your claim

Ask your provider for the itemized bill. Upload the bill and check the status of your claim on the member portal.

All our plans come with robust coverage

Your Benefit Amount for a is

You’ll get the same benefit no matter which provider you see. And you can always look up your Benefit Amount before you get your care.

We have the answers to your health coverage questions

We created Sidecar Health because we knew insurance could be better. We came up with quality plans that people can afford, made it easy to see what your plan will cover before you head to the doctor, and our plans work with any doctor you choose to see. After receiving care, members pay their doctor directly. One way you can do this is with the Sidecar Health VISA benefit card. With Sidecar Health, you’re in the driver’s seat.