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"It's something I wish I could get my parents on" Benefit AmountKeeping the savingsNo networkNo referralsPharmacyProvider visitsUsing benefitsMember
"Shopping frenzy" Benefit AmountKeeping the savingsShopping for careGM/President
"Shop around, you can save a lot of money" Keeping the savingsPharmacyShopping for carePeople leader
"It has made me a better consumer" Member CareProvider visitsPeople leader
"11 out of 10" Benefit AmountEasy to useMember CareShopping for careUsing benefitsMember
"It's like buying toothpaste" Benefit AmountKeeping the savingsPharmacyShopping for careGM/President
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It’s no secret employers pay the highest rates for health care in the U.S. but these investments often do not result in better benefits for employees. Not anymore. Sidecar Health does not compromise quality or access.
Kendy T.
The Member Care team is really, really good at customer service. I don’t know how you guys train them, but I’ve got a group here that I would like trained by the same people.
Betty G.
I think this is the future of health care... we’ve got to have that transparency, we have to be better consumers, we have to have understanding of the cost of our care...
Yvonne L.
You can go anywhere you want...You don't have to ask for a referral or 'is this in network?' You just don't even think about it.
Deidre L.