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Insurance plans your clients have been waiting for

Affordable. Flexible. No networks. Sidecar Health is the perfect complement to your health product portfolio.


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We have a product for all your needs

Our insurance products meet the challenging carrier requirements/employer needs: no participation, we’ll take 1099s. Our plans work great for the following:

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Part-time workers/1099s

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Gig Workers

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Seasonal Employees

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Sole Proprietorships

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The uninsured

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Husband-wife groups without common-law employees


Broker program features


Broker program features

Our referral rates are competitive with those in the market, and readily available bonus programs enable earning even more.

Your clients will love the perks

On top of the service itself, collectively Sidecar Health members will have access to a number of combined great benefits compared to traditional plans.

Save 40% or more
See any doctor
Enroll any time
Transparent costs
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