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HIPAA Notice

Effective as of June 25, 2019


Sidecar Health, Inc. (including our subsidiaries and affiliates, collectively, “Sidecar Health” or “We”) wants you to know that We recognize your desire to keep information about you and your family’s health personal. This notice describes how Sidecar Health will keep that information about you secure and confidential.

This Notice also explains your legal rights regarding your health information. “Health information” is information that is created for, or received by, Sidecar Health and identifies you and relates to your medical history or payment for medical services you receive. Sidecar Health will never sell your health information unless you have authorized us to do so.

How Sidecar Health Uses and Discloses Health Information

Sidecar Health uses and discloses your health information for the normal business activities that the law sees as falling in the categories of treatment, payment and health care operations. Below We provide examples of those, although not every use or disclosure falling in these categories is listed:


We may disclose information to doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and other health care providers who take care of you to help coordinate your care. For example, We may use and disclose health information to help you find a provider, facility, pharmacy or service.


To help pay for your covered services, We may use and disclose personal information in a number of ways, including: to facilitate payment of premiums due us, to determine your coverage, and to process claims for health care services and products you receive from your health care providers.

Health Care Operations

We may use and disclose personal information during the course of running our business; that is, during operational activities such as providing services to our partner carrier that writes the policy, arranging for review of your claims, developing improved methods for payment of your claims, improving your health care coverage under Sidecar Health, or resolving a grievance you have about the health care services you received or could not receive. Sidecar Health will not use or disclose your genetic information for underwriting purposes.

We may be required to, or may choose to, limit the amount of health information We use or disclose about you for the purposes of treatment, payment or health care operations.

Other Uses and Disclosures by Sidecar Health

Sidecar Health may also use or disclose your health information to:

  • Comply with federal, state or local laws that require disclosure;
  • Inform authorities to protect victims of abuse or neglect;
  • Respond to law enforcement officials to help find a missing person or report a crime;
  • Respond to judicial orders, subpoenas or other lawful process;
  • Assist in specialized government functions such as national security, intelligence and protective services;
  • Avert a serious threat to health or safety;
  • Inform military and veteran authorities if you are an armed forces member (active or reserve);
  • Inform workers’ compensation carriers or plans if you are injured at work;
  • Tell you about health-related products and services (for example Sidecar Health may offer a wellness program to help you lead a healthier lifestyle);
  • Assist in public health activities such as to prevent a disease outbreak;
  • Participate in health oversight activities authorized by law including audits and investigations;
  • Coroner or medical examiner to identify an individual or determine cause of death;
  • Organ procurement organizations to facilitate donation and transplant;
  • Researchers, provided the research study meets additional privacy law requirements.

Sidecar Health has contracted with companies (deemed “business associates” under federal privacy rules) to help us provide our services to you. Sidecar Health requires these companies to provide us with assurances that they will safeguard your health information.

Sidecar Health may also use or disclose your health information to communicate with individuals involved in your care or payment for that care, such as family members and friends. You have the right to stop or limit this kind of disclosure by contacting us at

Federal and state laws may further limit our use or disclosure of your health information in certain areas. If any federal or state law gives you greater privacy protection, We will follow the stricter law.

In situations and for purposes other than those described above, Sidecar Health will ask for your written authorization before using or disclosing your health information. For example, if Sidecar Health would ever have psychotherapy notes related to you, We will need to obtain an authorization from you before Sidecar Health discloses those notes. Sidecar Health will obtain your authorization before We use your health information for marketing purposes.

You may revoke any authorization you provide to Sidecar Health, but Sidecar Health is unable to take back disclosures made in reliance on your authorization.

Sidecar Health’s Responsibilities

Sidecar Health is required by law to:

  • Maintain the privacy of your health information
  • Provide this notice of Sidecar Health’s duties and privacy practices
  • Abide by the terms of the notice currently in effect
  • Notify you if there has been a breach of unsecured Protected Health Information

Sidecar Health reserves the right to change privacy practices and to make the new practices effective for all the information Sidecar Health maintains. Sidecar Health will provide you with a copy of the revised notice if that occurs.

Sidecar Health may elect not to destroy your health information when you terminate your coverage with Sidecar Health, consistent with Sidecar Health’s document retention policies. It may be necessary to use and disclose this information for the purposes described above even after your coverage terminates, although policies and procedures will remain in place to protect against inappropriate use or disclosure.

Do you have any Federal Rights?

The federal privacy regulations give you the right to make certain requests regarding health information about you that is maintained by Sidecar Health. You may:

  • Inspect and copy certain portions of your health information. Sidecar Health may deny your request under limited circumstances. If Sidecar Health keeps the information electronically, you may request an electronic copy of the information, and We will provide it to you in that form if it is feasible for us to do so.
  • Request amendment of your health information if you feel the health information is incorrect or incomplete. You must submit your request in writing, and Sidecar Health may not be required to agree with your request.
  • Receive an accounting (listing) of certain disclosures of your health information made during the six years prior to your request. You must submit your request in writing, if you request more than one accounting in a year; Sidecar Health may charge you a reasonable fee for any subsequent requests.
  • Request that Sidecar Health restrict how Sidecar Health uses or discloses your health information. You should submit your request in writing. Sidecar Health may not be required to agree to your request.
  • Request that Sidecar Health communicate with you at a specific telephone number or address.
  • Obtain a paper copy of this Notice, by contacting the

Contact us at if you wish to exercise these rights.


If you believe that your privacy has been violated, you may file a complaint with Sidecar Health or with the Secretary of Health and Human Services. You will not be subject to retaliation or penalized for filing a complaint with Sidecar Health or with the Secretary.

To file a complaint with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, go to

Sidecar Health’s Privacy Officer
2381 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 400
El Segundo, CA 90245

If you have questions regarding this Notice, please contact

Remember, you will always have the option to remain anonymous via our Online Form or Hotline number.

  • Call our Hotline at 1-855-512-0438. All calls are confidential and can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Fill out an online Form here
  • Email