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Better coverage meets better access

Sidecar Health puts you in control with upfront transparent pricing, unprecedented access to care and peace of mind that you can always get the care you need without surprises. It's health insurance the way it should be™


We've got you covered


Market leading benefits

With our comprehensive major medical insurance, you’ll enjoy better coverage where you always have a choice of highly qualified doctors for any care you need.


Protections for unplanned care

You're always protected in unplanned events and emergencies, both medically and financially.


No surprise costs

By knowing your costs upfront, you'll never be in the dark. Plus, with Sidecar Health you won't ever have to pay more than your deductible for care unless you choose to.

You're in the driver's seat

Sidecar Health puts you in complete control of your healthcare by providing you with a clear budget for care. If you find a provider for less than your plan pays, we share the savings with you. If you choose a provider who charges more, you'll pay the difference. The decision is yours!


Our members love the ability to make their own choices, and how they're rewarded for it.