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Sidecar Health Named to Forbes list of Best Startup Employers of 2023

March 7, 2023

Los Angeles, CA, March 7, 2023Sidecar Health, a health insurance company that puts members in the driver’s seat of their care, was recognized today on the Forbes Best Startup Employers 2023 list. Out of more than 11,000 companies evaluated, Sidecar Health ranked within the top 100 based on employee satisfaction, employer reputation, and company growth.

The annual list, now in its fifth year, is presented by Forbes and Statista Inc. Companies considered in the evaluation must be headquartered in the U.S., employ at least 50 people, and exhibit a startup structure.

“Our team at Sidecar Health believes in our mission to make great healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone in America,” said CEO Patrick Quigley. “Our passion for the mission fuels the continuous development of first-of-its-kind insurance products and contributes to Sidecar Health being a great place to work. We strive to bring the same empathy, transparency and support that we provide our members to our own culture every day.”

By empowering members to shop for care with clear upfront costs and providing them with a Sidecar Health VISA benefit card to pay at the time of service, Sidecar Health is expanding patient choice. Members know what their plan pays upfront and when providers charge less than what their plan pays, they can keep the difference. Additionally, there is no distinction between “in network” and “out of network,” with any provider that accepts VISA available to members. The model’s freedom of choice allows members to access the care they need, when they need it, at a rate that works for them. Sidecar Health also benefits healthcare providers, given no prior authorization is needed and providers no longer need to wait weeks or even months to get paid. Providers save significant time and effort on administrative overhead, letting them get back to what is most important: providing care.

“I love working for Sidecar Health because the environment truly encourages new ideas from all employees,” said Claims Manager Derek Holcomb. “My leadership team empowers me to grow and develop as a leader myself. There is a sense of togetherness here that I’ve never felt in my career, and that cohesion strengthens our ability to try and learn new things as we tackle the challenges of the ever-changing world of health insurance.”

In addition to fostering a supportive work environment, Sidecar Health provides competitive benefits including offering its tech forward, consumer driven major medical plan to its own employees. This means employees enjoy rich coverage without the network restrictions of traditional insurance as well as access to services from providers who don’t typically accept insurance like acupuncture and mental health. Sidecar Health employees also enjoy the ability to keep the savings. In 2022, Sidecar Health employees, on average, received $537 in cash back for choosing providers who charged less than what their Sidecar Health plan paid.

“At Sidecar Health, we are building innovative products in support of our mission, and we experience the impact of what we’re building every day as we use our own products,” said Chief People Officer Alex Coonce. “The harmony between what we’re building for the world and for our own families drives us to truly change how people experience healthcare in the U.S.”

Sidecar Health saved over a million dollars by moving to its own plan versus traditional insurance*, and reinvests these savings into expanded benefits around mental health and wellness, richer paid leave, and employer-funded Health Savings Accounts. Additionally, Sidecar Health offers employer-sponsored plans for Ohio-based companies looking to provide employees with better access to quality healthcare while lowering premiums. Where most insurers are raising their rates, our employer groups see a 20% rate reduction in premiums on average.


Sidecar Health is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone in the US. We believe in a world where you have the freedom to choose any provider, and pricing is understandable and clear. So, we’ve rewired health insurance with a modern, intuitive and tech-forward approach that removes obstacles to excellent care and empowers you with the information you need to make smart decisions about your care. Sidecar Health group insurance plans deliver industry leading major medical coverage for mid-size and large employers in Ohio. We insure members in 32 states and growing. For more information visit

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