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New company aims to help people with cheaper insurance

September 28, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas — For many people who don't work a traditional 9-to-5 job, health insurance can be an issue. It can be difficult to pay for, or hard to use.

But [Sidecar Health] just launched in Austin [and] hopes to help those buying their own insurance.

That comes in handy for bartenders and servers in Austin, like those working at Seven Grand on East Seventh Street.

"I love it, I absolutely love my job," said Steven White, the bar manager.

He knows the pressure that not having insurance can bring.

"It comes to the point where you're trying to figure out how many shifts you need to work beforeyou can afford to go to the doctor for that one thing you've been holding off for a month," said White. "This industry does not allow businesses to provide those types of business to provide those types of benefits for people and now we can do that."

"We created a product that's totally different and a totally new approach to that particular problem," said Patrick Quigley, the creator of Sidecar Health. "Right now we're actually rolled out all across Texas, but Austin was the first city that we launched in."

Quigley created Sidecar Health with the goal of giving cheaper health insurance to those buying it on their own, using an app.

"Could we actually design what they actually want, and that combined with realizing that cash prices for healthcare are so much cheaper? We were able to put those two things together, and using technology come up with a solution that was just fundamentally different," said Quigley

"It's the consumer in control of making the healthcare transaction," said Quigley, "with the information about the cost."

As for White and his bartenders, this option relieves some of the problems they used to deal with.

"They can go and do everything that they need to do just like that," said White.

Sidecar is launching next in Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama and Florida.

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